Referral Program



Your referrals mean the world to us. We work hard to earn each referral with great service and appreciation for your business every day. As our way of saying thank you, we’re kicking off our new referral program. Here’s how it works:

Each time we receive a referral from you, you get the opportunity to choose a gift card reward. What qualifies as a referral? A referral is when we are contacted for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us. Don’t worry we ask on every call.

  • For every referral we receive we will give you a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card.
  • We hold a quarterly drawing from all the names of people that referred someone to us.
    • For our quarterly drawing, the monthly prize is a $100 Visa gift card.
    • Each referral equals one entry into our quarterly drawing
    • We’ll announce who won in our newsletter.
    • If you are the quarterly winner, we’ll ask you for a picture of you and will feature you in a ½ page article!
  • That’s it. The person you refer doesn’t have to purchase a policy or obtain a quote from us if we’re not competitive for your referral to count.

Our referral program is open to anyone, whether they’re a client or not.

Giving Thanks


It’s that time of year where we tend to take stock of all the things we are thankful for — and for us at Elmco, that means giving thanks for all of you, our loyal clients. Elmco is a company with integrity and generosity as core values. All of our employees demonstrate that core value by giving back to our community in our personal lives, in addition to the work we do for our customers every day. Here’s how three of our employees give back during the holiday season.

President Tom Meadows leads the way by regularly volunteering at LA’s Union Rescue Mission. He and his wife Lorraine also fill up Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child, giving boxes to represent each of their six grandchildren.

Agent Erin Walsh-Moloney volunteers at a packing day for Families Forward. Erin and her husband Jim pack produce for boxes to be distributed to families for Thanksgiving meals. She is working with other Junior League members and the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) on a Holiday Adopt-A-Family program. Gifts and gift cards will be purchased, wrapped and delivered to Orange County families this season. Erin and her husband Jim also participate in another annual Christmas Adopt- A-Family program through their church.

Monica Gee, another Elmco employee, volunteers at Parkview Community Church. She uses her culinary skills to help provide a Thanksgiving meal to her community. Even her three kids enjoy giving back and helping pass out the meals to those in need.

Elmco Celebrates Veterans


With all the craziness in our politics this week, Elmco is so thankful for the opportunity to pause and celebrate. Today we honor a group of people who undeniably have helped forge our country into something great: Veterans.


Before Emmett L. Meadows founded Elmco, he fought for our country and served without complaint for 20 years. A lot has changed since then, but may we never forget all they sacrificed on our behalf.


Elmco sponsored a flag in honor of Chief Warrant Officer Emmett L. Meadows at the Orange Field of Valor. We are proud to a participate in this patriotic tribute honoring all Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel for their dedication and service to our nation, preserving our security, our independence, and our freedom.

What Should I Look for in an Insurance Company?


Don’t you just love Geico commercials? They are hilarious and their message of “save 15% on car insurance” is incredibly enticing. But is that all you should look for in an insurance company? A funny gecko and a claim of savings? What else should you look for when choosing an insurance company?

Geico’s ads are so appealing because everyone wants more for their money. Savings are without a doubt an important factor in choosing an insurance company. Geico’s claim to save you money is great, but you have to test it with the facts. The reality is a brokerage like Elmco Insurance is able to get you the best price for your insurance needs. Why? Because we interact with dozens of insurance companies and will find the best fit for your needs, for the best price. Geico has a one-size-fits-all approach that can’t always guarantee you the best deal. And you need to make sure that you are getting the coverage you actually need. Which is why the next point is so crucial.

Custom(er) Service
Other companies might have great customer service — but do they CUSTOMIZE it to your specific needs? Do they throw out words like “limited liability coverage” and “uninsured motorist” and expect you to know what that means and how much you need? Elmco Insurance agents aren’t about the numbers, they are about investing in a relationship. When you speak with one of our agent’s they will listen to your needs, explain all the terms, and make sure you are getting exactly what you need at a price you can afford. And when you need to make a claim? We’re there to walk you through that too. Elmco is a family-run business and will treat you like family too.

One-Stop Shopping
Don’t you love finding everything you need at one store? Did you know that Elmco can find coverage for anything that you need? Have a car? Getting married and need insurance for your venue? Have a boat? Have an antique auto? Have a business auto? Need health or life insurance? Need additional coverage for flood or fire damage? Heading to Mexico on vacation and need foreign coverage? Need rental or homeowners insurance? Need worker’s comp for your employees? Whatever your need, we cover it.

Coverage for the Uninsurable
Been in one too many accidents? Have a property in a flood plain or fire zone? Other companies will flat out reject ‘undesirable’ candidates. Elmco specializes in finding coverage for anyone and everyone who needs insurance. We’ll find the needle in the haystack and meet even the most challenging coverage needs. We’ll go the extra mile for you!

Trust and Loyalty
In a day and age when everyone is trying to sell you something, we all want to find companies we can trust. Elmco has no agenda to sell the most insurance to pay for expensive prime time ads — we are there to help your family and to meet your specific requirements. With over half a century of experience, you can know that Elmco is reliable and will keep your needs first. We’ve insured multi-generational families and businesses; Elmco has a dependable track record that keeps clients satisfied and loyal.

When it comes to insurance, it’s your family’s or business’s well-being at stake. Don’t make a decision based on clever advertising — choose a company that will put your best interest ahead of their own and meet all your insurance needs. Choose Elmco Insurance.

What’s in a Name?


Have you ever wondered where the name “Elmco” came from?

Take a step back in time with me and imagine a battle-worn Marine retiring from twenty years of service to our country. Not just any Marine — a warrant officer who played an integral part in the pacific rim landings of World War 2 and the battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. In addition to being a Marine, this man had a wife and four kids who had made dozens of moves, including one move to Guam for a short time. Imagine this man, whose seen more suffering and death than anyone should ever have to. And now, at 37 he must find a new career and way to support his family.

After fighting for life and freedom for twenty years, it’s logical that his next step would be towards providing a safety net for families who’ve experienced loss. Life Insurance. Many people put off purchasing life insurance thinking, “It’ll never happen to me. I’ve got plenty of time.” But when you’ve seen a third of your men return from battle after battle on the Pacific Rim, you know better. Life is precious and short. When you’ve lived through the end of the world, you know you want to provide for your loved ones after you’re gone.

With that simple thought, Elmco was born in 1958. Emmett Lonnie Meadows (the ELM of Elmco) started something special in 1958 — and we’ve kept his legacy alive by providing excellent service and expanding our offerings to include auto, renters,  home, health, business, and so much more. With Emmett’s son, Thomas Meadows, at the helm, this family business always puts your family first — protecting and covering the people and things you value most. So what’s in our name? Family. Country. Honor. Legacy. Elmco — a name you can trust.

Specialty Policies

Looking for a policy for your special event or wedding? We can assist you in getting proper coverage for most every type of event. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email to find out more.

Elmco Insurance provides hard to find and specialty insurance policies for your event

Click here for Special Event Application
Click here for Wedding Application

Classic Car Insurance

hagertyclassics-1440Why Hagerty and Elmco Insurance?

We’re as passionate about cars as you are. Our deep knowledge of cars and their owners allows us to offer you better collector car insurance coverage for less.


Guaranteed Value™ Coverage
In the event of a covered total loss, you receive every cent of your car’s insured value.* No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle.

Flexible Usage

Our policy allows you occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions**. With Hagerty, you can go for a weekend drive, take your vehicle up to the local ice cream shop or attend unlimited events and cruises.

Guaranteed flatbed

Hagerty Plus Roadside Service and Benefits
Hagerty Plus® is designed specifically for collector cars. It is a comprehensive 24/7 full service roadside assistance program for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery and more — guaranteeing flatbed towing with soft straps.

Expert Claims Handling

Our job is protecting your collector car, and we’re very good at our job. In the event of a claim, we offer stock original replacement parts to ensure your investment is covered and your car is restored to its former glory. We even have a parts specialist on staff to hunt down rare and hard to find parts.

*Figure based upon 2014 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or “Everyday”) auto insurance carriers.
You’ll Save Money
Because we specialize in collector car insurance, our premiums are up to 43% lower* than daily driver insurance.

Free, Instant Life Insurance Quote Tool Now Available

Elmco Insurance has added a great life insurance quote tool to the website. It’s fast, easy to use and give you loads of options for comparing policies available. You can see it below:

You can also go to our microsite and get detailed information about life insurance that can help anyone understand the ins-and-outs of term life insurance. Click here to go to the site.

Elmco Insurance-Authorized Agent for Covered California


On Oct. 1, 2013, Covered California
will begin enrolling eligible Californians for health insurance coverage that will begin in January 2014. Residents who do not have health insurance from their employer or another government program, or for whom that insurance is not affordable, may qualify for help with premiums.

Covered California is the only place where Californians can use premium assistance from the federal government to reduce their health care costs. Covered California is also the place to go to see if you are eligible for Medi-Cal.

Californians will be able to buy the same health insurance plan in the private market that will be offered through Covered California. One advantage of purchasing insurance through Covered California is that it is easy to compare different plans. For the first time ever, it is possible to make apples-to-apples comparisons across different health insurance plans, thanks to new standard benefits that were designed to work for consumers — not for health insurance companies. Covered California also will help small businesses provide affordable health coverage to their employees. Through Covered California, businesses with one to 50 eligible employees will be able to purchase health insurance. Businesses with fewer than 25 equivalent full-time employees could qualify for tax credits. Starting in 2016, Covered California will be open for larger employers with 100 or fewer eligible employees.


Elmco Insurance in Santa Ana, CA since 1958

Big or small, we’ve got insurance solutions when you need it. Our advanced service and competitive pricing gives you an advantage for both your personal and commercial insurance needs. Call us today.