October 26, 2011 admin

We Like The Glue Network

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The story is… Companies of all sizes and types give gifts at the holidays to clients/resellers/employees/vendors — shirts, wine, food, parties. Appreciated? Sure. Compelling? Memorable? Powerful? Not so much. Imagine if those companies’ gifts had true meaning for recipients, inherently generated broad authentic PR for the company, and did immense good in the world – all without costing a penny more?

Glue’s new holiday program does exactly this. A company gives gift cards worth $10, 25, 50, 100… Recipients browse and fund humanitarian projects on the Glue site (build wells, educate kids, provide micro-loans, save lives, plant trees, fight child slavery…). They’re then prompted to share a brief post about the company’s gift on Facebook/Twitter. The result: the company creates stronger bonds with the recipients, receives free PR to a highly valuable audience (the friends and colleagues of their current customers/resellers/etc.) and changes many lives for the better – for the same cost as a conventional gift.

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